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NEW: Impressionens from "Rock the roof", Harley meeting
2014 in Schladming/ Austria, follow the link on

Get more power out of your motorbike.

high tec product für EVERY motorbike - made in AUSTRIA

With the world premiere at the accessories for your motorcycle, you are always one step ahead.

unique technology - easy and fast installation- low price.

NEW: Dynamometer measurement

You want more maneuverability for your motor bike?
More PERFORMANCE in the lower rpm range?
Super "swipe" - MORE POWER  and "more fun"?
More RELIABILITY at startup ?
You want to drive a tank more miles ?
Your MOTOR should be kept clean?
And you want to produce less EXHAUST while driving?


Order the "bike power & performance booster" for your bike and enjoy the benefits in our online shop !
Motorcycling with even more fun

The right type for your motorbike, moped,
quad or racing mashine
, you can order
in your correct displacement class


"This thing has covinced me, it´s forever
with me and the performance of the
bike booster is my success..." says Helly Frauwallner, winner of the
highest ralley in the world - the Raid de Himalaya 2013.
While using the bike power & performance booster, 
he has won easily and with enormous distance

Installation in few minutes                               enthousiastic customers- references

Our advice

type FUN

FUN <60cc "bike power and...

49,90 EUR
type LEAD

"LEAD" -125cc BIKE power...

99,90 EUR
type SPORT

"SPORT" -500cc BIKE power...

179,00 EUR
type equipe

"EQUIPE" -1750cc bike power...

249,00 EUR
type racing

"RACING" Motorsport - BIKE...

990,00 EUR
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